Importance of Free Shipping and how it Influences Online Buying Decisions

Free Shipping

Shopping excites everyone! Moreover, when you can do it from the comfortable couch of your home, the excitement multiplies. That is why online shopping is being opted by people everywhere. Furthermore, e-shopping offers utmost convenience to the customers and has so many discounts that the buyer is sure to get attracted. Deals, coupon codes, sales are great, but the cheapest online shopping with free shipping is the most attractive benefit. Unfortunately, sometimes the shipping cost is more than the amount of the item you want to buy. It repels the customer from ordering online. Hence, apps like Fave Pay help ditch the shipping cost and shop on various online selling websites. 

Why should a brand offer free shipping?

It is obvious that offers and deals attract customers. Everyone wants to save some money and shop more by paying less. Along with all other sales and offers, free shipping is a great deal for customers. They can club this with the ongoing sales and add on to their total savings on the purchase.  

Statistically, more than 70% of the sellers agree that offering free shipping increased their sales to a great extent. That is why 98% of the online sellers try the free shipping tactic to promote their business. Hence, if a brand wants to increase its sales and get more loyal customers, they should consider giving them the experience of the cheapest online shopping custom boxes with free shipping

Significance of free shipping

Let us discuss the importance of the cheapest online shopping with free shipping and how it can prove fruitful for the seller. 

Brand recognition 

Free shipping is one such offer that gives the brand a lot of recognition. It is a profitable tactic for the sellers who have just started their business and want to attract more customers. A seller can promote the free shipping as an introductory offer and expect to get more customer attention. It will help promote the products, and more people will get to know about you.

Increased revenue

When more customers get to know about you, the chances of sales also increase. This is because you are more likely to reach the right audience and have more potential to turn into a sale! Moreover, when the products get delivered to the footsteps without paying anything extra, customers are more likely to shop more! Hence, the revenue will increase many folds, and so will the profit margin.

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Loyal customers

Once you get the customers and give them the cheapest online shopping with free shipping, they will stick to you for longer. If your products are top-notch, there is a possibility that the customer will come and shop again and again. Best products with a fruitful discount are what every buyer wants. Hence, free shipping is a way to get loyal customers. Another trick can be to give free shipping to the customers who have shopped for a threshold amount.

Stand Out 

There are multiple online sellers in the market. The buyer has countless options to shop, making it difficult for the seller to stand out in the competition. The seller can start the free shipping deals, give special discounts, and other offers to have a competitive edge over other sellers in the market. 
There are countless other benefits of offering the experience of the cheapest online shopping with free shipping. A seller has to advertise it well to attract more and more customers towards their brand. They can also collaborate with various apps like Fave Pay. These apps let you make UPI payment and offer free shipping if you place an order through them. So, if you run an online shopping platform, use free shipping to accelerate sales. 

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