What Type of Glass is Used in French Windows and Doors?

Whenever the adjective French is attached to windows or doors, a very stylish idea of a house pops up in mind. French windows are art, and that makes sense since the country has seen so much of it. If you want to add some elegance and charm to your home, French windows are the way to go, which also explains why these windows are so popular today. 

You can say that the windows bring the beautiful outdoors inside. However, French windows are not only about appearance but also include various functionalities and are secure. For instance, French windows made of aluminium are among the most potent and stylish window types in the market. Since aluminium is sturdy, manufacturers can produce sleek French windows and doors with minimal sightlines offering an isometric view of the outside. French windows feature full-length double sashes that are hinged to open inward or outward. They are different from other types of windows. The no-impost system and large window panes allow maximum inlet of light and fresh air.

Also, TEXGUARD coated aluminium windows do not lose their colour for nearly 40 years. However, glass also plays a significant role. This post will discuss the types of glass that can be installed within aluminium French glass windows.

Clear Float Glass

Float glass is basic glass. Apart from windows and doors, it is used for tabletops, mirrors, and other architectural purposes. It offers the best light transmission and excellent optical clarity. However, it is not the strongest. Therefore, it should be an option for you if you live in a gated property. Nonetheless, it can be turned into laminated, decorative (ceramic), reflective, insulated, and other types. You can improve their glazing to enhance the glass thickness and ensure that the windows can keep your house or office space secure. 

Laminated Glass

Car windshields are made from laminated glass, and they are strong. However, laminated glass can be tough to break into when made from thicker glass. Laminated glass is made by attaching two or more sheets of glass with a layer of plastic between them. Finally, laminated glass is excellent for blocking outdoor noises. 

Insulated Glass 

This glass is for your French glass windows if you reside in cold regions. You need glass that can retain indoor heat. Insulated glass is made by tightly attaching two or more sheets of glass with a few millimetres in between. The space in between contains dry air and offers sound insulation as well as thermal insulation. It can help retain coolness inside as well.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is an excellent option for areas that receive ample sunlight throughout the year. It reduces the amount of light that enters your home with the help of additional shading. Furthermore, since it keeps direct sunlight out, it keeps indoors cool and pleasant. Therefore, it is ideal for hot regions. You can find this glass in colours like bronze, blue, back, grey, and others. But tinted glass is not for places where natural light is needed. 

You may also go for double glazing glass, which is a little like insulated glass but with gas in between. It is known for its insulating properties and blocking UV rays

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