Importance of Road Safety Equipment: Tips from Experts

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Road safety has been a topic of concern since forever. Not only is adequate traffic planning essential for people but also larger vehicles and car. Each vehicle and person needs to have a road that they can safely drive on, without having to worry if something unforeseen may harm them. There are laws in different countries that depend upon the amount of traffic that their roads see. However, the one thing common in all of them is how they give utmost importance to traffic planning. Regulating traffic is the most vital thing to avoid any road accidents. Road safety equipment makes journeys safer for pedestrians, trucks, cars, cycles, and every other mode of transportation that one sees on the road. 

Types of road safety equipment 

The most effective safety equipment on the road that are used to redirect and control traffic are:  

Safety Barricades: These are manufactured by using UV stabilized virgin polyethylene material. The most impressive aspect of these barricades is that they can withstand any weather. Additionally, they are durable and easy to use since they are lightweight and easily movable. The most useful application of road safety barricades is to block any inaccessible passage. Often used near construction areas or important roads, these are used to redirect the vehicles and pedestrians onto safe and fast-moving routes. There are three types of barricades. Type 1, 2, and 3. The meaning is simple. Type 3 barricades have three reflective panels. Similar is the case with type 2 and 1 where they have two and one panels respectively. 

Road fences: Road fences are also mostly seen near construction sites. They are usually black to improve their visibility during the day. they often have neon stripes so that they are visible during the night. Since the road fences are black, they reflect streetlights which further improves the visibility. Road fences are also widely used to regulate and redirect traffic. These are used to demarcate construction sites or dangerous roots from the ones that can be conveniently used. Road fencing is often also used outside complexes to redirect the traffic towards parking. Additionally, they also serve the purpose of aligned car parking and a discipline fashion of moving cars along a narrow path.  

Road Barriers: Road barriers are equipment that is used to separate lanes on the road. Often known as dividing panels, they are mounted on the dividers that separate the road. They are easy to maintain since they do not easily rust or corrode. The flashy colors and the decent size makes them easily visible. They come with slots, which give them the needed weight. This helps them in standing the ground and not being uprooted due to heavy wind or terrible weather. Since the barriers are in the presence of fast-moving vehicles, they are constructed in a way that they are visible from far away and are not moved by the force of the moving vehicles. Road barriers make up for permanent barricading which makes them cheaper and safer than drums that are often used for temporary barricading.

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