Everything you should know about the External Gear Oil pump

Gear Oil pump

Similar to the internal gear pump, the external gear pump also has a special structure, not using impellers, but using gears to move fluids. Today, we will introduce to you the definition of what an external gear pump is, the structure of an external gear pump so that you have more knowledge in choosing to buy the right product.

External gear oil pump

Gear oil pumps are of two types, internal gear oil pumps and external gear oil pumps. The external gear pump, also known as the external gear oil pump, has an oil pump application, so all the structural features and operating principles of the external gear oil pump are similar to the internal pump.

The external gear pump must first be a gear pump, using an impeller to work instead of using an impeller like other conventional water pump motors. The external gear pump consists of two impellers, active gear and a passive gear.

The basic feature of the external gear oil pump is its compact size, which is convenient for moving, installation and use. The main high-grade pump material uses stainless steel pump material to use the oil pump effectively. They are also corrosion resistance and high-pressure resistance.

Working of an external pump

The external gear oil pump operates on the same principle as the external gear pump with two basic processes, the suction process, and the ejection process. The pump is not capable of priming and cannot run dry.

Pumping process: The motor is connected, the active pump shaft through pulling the active gear to rotate and from there the passive gear and the passive shaft also rotate. The two gears and the two pump shafts rotate in opposite directions. When or when the gears start to engage and the pump pressure drops sharply, the pump is sucked into the pump chamber and then goes between the teeth to the ejector chamber. Pumping process: The pump is filled in the ejector chamber. , at this time, the two gears separate to create a large pumping pressure that causes the pump to be pushed out the fastest and return to the suction process These two processes repeat and cycle continuously until they stop.

Application of external gear pump

Externally geared gear pumps have a wide range of applications in various industries specifically including:

Application of pumping oils including fuel oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil… Application of pumping grease and food from grease Application of pumping chemicals Application of pumping solid substances such as solid paint, solid glue, solid ink Application of polymer pumps, applications of pumping acids, applications in hydraulic systems with lifting applications, in elevator systems, in press factories, rubber pumps, molasses pumps, molasses pumps, asphalt pumps, chocolate pumps, caustic soda pumps.

Pump structure is simple, easy to manufacture and use, easy to install, move, maintain and maintain Compact pump size saves space and saves costs. There are many models and types, with many applications when choosing the best external gear pump manufacturer. You can also go for dual precision series pumps, for more accuracy and precise working.

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