Is Shiatsu Right for You?

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Is Shiatsu Right for You?

The word Shiatsu is derived from two Japanese expressions: shi which means fingers and atsu which means pressure. With firm roots in traditional Chinese medicine, its main function is to aid in the maintenance of a healthy body and, like most oriental therapies, to provide spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits. Body Massage in Al Barsha

As its name suggests, Shiatsu is based on the power of a touch, applied in such a way that it affects all aspects of our well-being. Therefore, Shiatsu is a completely holistic therapy.

The Japanese style of Shiatsu has introduced to the West about 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the treatment has earned a reputation for being somewhat painful. However, Western practitioners have significantly altered the original style, and the modern version of therapy is a much softer affair. Body Massage in Al Barsha

Shiatsu treatment works in different ways: it can remove toxins from the body; relax the nervous system; relax the joints and muscles; increases circulation and flow of lymphatic fluid and generally stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.

It is possible to get a basic idea of ​​Shiatsu from a book but, in general, it would be better to attend a few classes to understand all the holistic implications of the therapy.

Can Shiatsu help you?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is to point out that in Japan, shiatsu has long been used as a home treatment, and family members treat each other. It can certainly provide relief for a variety of everyday ailments, such as headaches, toothaches, and back pain. It is also claimed to be effective in treating constipation, diarrhea, and digestive problems. If you are tense and stressed, Shiatsu will calm you down and improve the quality of your sleep.

Your headaches can be caused by tight muscles in your neck.

Massage therapists report that neck massages are among the most common they perform … a fact that isn’t really surprising when you stop to think about this area of ​​your body. The most obvious contributor to neck pain is, as we all know, this inevitable stress. Whenever we are under stress and tension, the neck can suffer more, in the form of pain and swelling, very quickly. And when that happens, the pain is felt not only in our neck, but also in our head, back, and shoulders. The good news is that a neck massage is a proven treatment for pain and swelling caused by stress.

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There are many factors that can contribute to neck pain and they can also be effectively treated with neck friction therapy. As mentioned, the most dominant cause of neck pain is stress, but some other common contributors include trauma/injury, muscle problems, pinched nerves, or localized arthritis in the neck area. Neck massage can alleviate these factors, as well as those associated with pain caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position, carrying a heavy object, or sitting for too long at work. Participating in neck massage therapy can reduce the occurrence of future problems.

So how do you know if the pain you feel is really neck pain? Here is some neck pain identifiers as an indication that a neck massage is needed:

Stiffness affecting the neck muscles;

Radiating pain in the shoulders or between the shoulder blades;

A unilateral or bilateral headache that causes pain in the arm, neck, or head;

Tight muscles in the neck that feel hard and sore;

Pain in the base of the skull accompanied by weakness in the arms, shoulders, and neck;

Tingling or tingling sensation in the fingers and/or arms.

Neck massage is extremely effective in reducing neck stiffness and pain. So, what are the most typical neck massage treatment benefits?

Neck massages are convenient and can be done anytime, anywhere.

A neck massage can be very beneficial in a short time.

This type of massage soothes not only the neck but also the back, head, and shoulders.

By developing neck muscles, neck massages also serve as an energizer for your body and make you feel totally relaxed. Body Massage in Al Barsha

* It is proven to help eliminate stress from the entire body.

* Neck massage can relieve knotted muscles and improve blood circulation. Oil Massage in Tecom

In some cases, the area of ​​your body where you experience pain may not be the true source of the pain. Tightness at the base of the skull, for example, can be felt as a pain in the shoulder, upper arm, or in the form of a headache. For quick and affordable relief from this type of pain, many turn to neck massage and experience excellent results.

To fully benefit from a neck massage, make sure it is performed by a qualified professional. And be sure to do it as soon as possible neck pain can quickly spread to other parts of your body if left unchecked.

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