Kareri Lake Trek: A Perfect Destination to Spend Your Vacation

Kareri Lake Trek

In Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Kareri Lake Trek stands at an altitude of around 3,100 meters. You wish to get away from your day-to-day and get close to the environment is a good weekend vacation.

Mountains and higher trees cover Kareri lake. The development of the water bodies from the top of the Minkiani is framed. The Kareri Lake Trek is a lovely hiking tour via several streams and lush waddles in Himachal Pradesh. You’ll journey through aesthetically lovely shepherd communities. Lord Shiva Temple, which is worth a visit, has many attractions. In the event you want to watch birds, the path to Kareri Lake Trek will fascinate you, as there are many kinds of winged animals that pay special attention to. Ensure you’re ready for your cameras. The forests are a mixture of pines and shrubs that wrap around like an id.

Rocky grassland is the other part of the route. You’ll face some straight roads across wooden bridges and difficult accents along this path to cross rivers. After landing at the lake, invest in energy, take photos and spend a stunning night in lake tents.

Reasons why you should join the Kareri Lake Trek

Trekkers are looking for new goals, and after a long, demanding trip nothing ends up being more pleasant than reaching paradise with amazing vistas.

While many tourists are inclined towards Triund Trip in Dharamshala or Mcleod-Ganj as it’s a prominent location, Kareri Lake is a closed trek that not many people know about. The skyline and revival of the view make it a great trekking destination. It’s less crowded and less exploited yet.

The path is a really nice and excellent combination of nature from the town of Kareri. The Dhauladhar range might provide a perfect perspective. Therefore, photographers should be prepared to click on the greatest vistas on the tour. The path is steep, with a number of nice variations in particular places. Thick forests must be crossed, the canal crossed and the Rocky Mountains passed, often making this trip nasty.

The walking distance of the Kareri Lake trek begins from Dharamshala Village around 27 km. The proper accessibility of Dharamshala to major towns like Chandigarh and Delhi. There are different direct Volvo transportations from Delhi to Chandigarh from Dharamshala and road travel.

Take the magnificent view of forests, pastures, streams, and lakes to the beautiful Kareri glacial elliptic lake.

Spring up in the abundance of nature at the Kareri Lake – a cool water lake surrounded by lush subtropical woods and alpine wilderness.

Take the way less traveled by an experienced friendly guide as you walk around the beautiful Kareri Lake.

Trek through the beautiful green Chirr and Chilgoza pine forest to a height of 9,650 feet.

Sleep beneath the stories of the local townspeople as you experience the simplicity of life far from the busy towns.

Quick information from Kareri Lake Trek

> Departure points: Dharamkot

> Finishing point: Mcleodganj

> Lake Trek Kareri Tallness: 8,705 ft.

> 8°C to 20°C temperature

> Distance from Kareri Lake Trek: 26 KM (to and fro)

Package Inclusions for Kareri Lake Trek

* The Alpine shared accommodation in tents

* Breakfast and supper are included in the meals according to route

* The activities for trekking and camping are included in the bundle of trekking activities for Kareri Lake.

* The Guide with high experience

How to get to it

By air: Kangra is about 17 km from Dharamkot, the nearest airport. The flights from New Delhi and Chandigarh Airports may be connected here.

By Train: Kangra, 27 km from Dharamkot, is the closest railway station. It is linked via a narrow gauge to the Pathankot Railway Station.

From N.D. to Mcleodganj via Road: Overnight bus from N.D. is 4 km away. From Shimla, Manali, Dehradun, Chandigarh, and Pathankot there are other bus connections to Mcleodganj.

+ High altitude climatic conditions differ from the landscape and need time to acclimate to high elevations.

+ It is advisable to wear extra-warm clothes and shoes for the journey.

+ Pay attention to the guides and trainers for a safe and healthy journey.

+ Avoid alcohol use or any other poisoning substances throughout the journey.

+ Water is highly valuable and hence it is valued for conservation.

+ Encourage night hiking unless it is part of the route and you’ve had a guide, which might cause unpredictable misfortunes.

+ Do not use earbuds on the hike; this may impede your hearing.

+ Avoid using disposable bags and keep the destinations ecologically balanced.

+ The authorities should be informed beforehand if the hike is to be canceled.

+ The state-government guidelines should be followed. To preserve social distance. + Recommended frequent hand sanitation and mask usage.

+ At check-in, you must supply a valid ID.

+ You will be informed of the precise location after your reservation.

+ Professional guides and further information and personal attention are offered to ensure the high level of safety required for a trip.

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+ Clean and clean car available especially for the steep terrain with experienced drivers.

Things To Carry for Kareri Lake Trek

  • Warm clothes
  • Caps
  • Toilet paper & wipes
  • Back pack (50-60l)
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking shoes

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