Logistics Terms in Pakistan Everyone must Keep at their Disposal

Logistics Terms in Pakistan Everyone must Keep at their Disposal

Shipping or logistics has become a rapidly growing industry in the past two decades. In the present pandemic scenario, the importance of a good truck rental or shipping service is unmatched. Logistics businesses have their own way of functioning. It includes the usage of specific terms, and you must be aware of it. If an individual wants to hire for the first time, here are some logistics terms in Pakistan to keep at their disposal.

Most of the online websites and brands use these services to increase their reach and potential for business. Thus, it makes sense why logistics providers are trying to make their services globally, and if not, at least across cities.

Landed cost and expenses

This is a very frequently used term in the logistics business. This term indicates the total expense of shipping a product from one place to another. It would mean the entire cost of it after it is delivered to the designated address.

This cost includes multiple other expenses that are required in the process. There are multiple taxes, charges of the supplier, handling charges as well. There are multiple processes that one shipment goes through before it is delivered to the designated recipient.


One of the most important logistics terms in Pakistan implies less than container load. Here’s what it means if your shipment comes under this category.

  • It means that it will share cargo space with other shipments. The entire consignment will not be yours.
  • This is not for bigger companies or businesses. Small business owners usually opt for LCL, and it has a bunch of other advantages as well.
  • It cuts down on the cost, and small business owners can make multiple shipments within a short span of time.


This term is used to refer to the person who is in charge of the shipping process. The consignment is sent from one port or place to another, and there is an authoritative entity involved. That authority is called the consignee, the one who receives the shipment. The goods that need to be shipped, along with the taxes and charges – all of it is the consignee’s responsibility. They can act on your behalf as well according to the rules.


Enterprise Resource Planning is another crucial term in the logistics business. To put it simply, this is a tracking system that helps the consignees keep a check on the shipments. For multiple shipments lined up, it is best if the ERP system keeps a count and tracks all the locations simultaneously. ERP software is pre-installed in each of the shipping companies for business. It keeps track of the resources and helps make the necessary calculations.

Bill of Lading

We can say that, the Bill of Lading can be considered a proper form of receipt for each shipped consignment.

  • The important details of each shipment and its contents are described in the BOL, and each consignee. This consignee must check it thoroughly before sending out the shipment.
  • Once the process starts, this becomes very useful as it can identify the seller and the recipient.
  • Each of them must carry a copy of the BOL to ensure smooth transfers.


The FCL (Full container load) is used to mark consignments that occupy an entire cargo in a logistics company. These are usually from big companies that ship their materials and resources frequently.

These shipments are expensive and need to be handled with sincerity. There is no space sharing with other cargos. The container will only carry one seller’s cargo.

Logistics is a growing business, and the processes differ from one area to the other. Trukkin can be a great option for sending out shipments if you want to hire a truck in Pakistan.

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