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The coronavirus originated from Wuhan city of China in 2019. Whosoever made a cry in China first, then this covid-19 means coronavirus has engulfed the whole world and till now this virus is present in every country, we call it covid-19 because this virus came in 2019. Therefore, it is called covid-19, which is also called scientific human novel coronavirus.

What is covid-19 RTPCR Test Delhi?

So I have given you a little introduction about Covid-19 above, so now I will define you well about Covid-19 RTPCR Test Delhi, so if you want to know about RTPCR Test Delhi too, then you Complete this article with us. Read, so let’s start

RTPCR test is also called Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and these tests are being done by people all over the world today, because this covid-19 disease is very dangerous which once it is in control, then we do not control your health. Keeping in mind the service of this RTPCR test, you have brought this service to Delhi in only 950 \ – we will come to your home and do this covid-19 RTPCR test, keeping that in mind of you and our health, which is your These will test RTPCR, they will be our professional doctors of covid-19 who will test you. We use nasopharyngeal swab / oral swab / nasal swab to identify the virus in the patient. There is a complete kit of RTPCR test which has the tools to test so that we can do your RTPCR test in the best way.

What are the documents required for the COVID-19 RTPCR test?

You only need to submit the following three documents to us, because without these documents, the Government of India is not allowed to do a Novel Human Coronavirus RTPCR test.

To give you a covid-19 RTPCR test you need to give us a government photo and id proof (Aadhaar Card/ Driving License / Voter ID Card / Passport) to validate record the current address and contact details of the suspected patient.

You can also fill clinical foam online by visiting our site painfreebloodtest.com/rtpcr-test-delhi/

How to book the covid-19 RTPCR test Delhi?

So if you also want to book the covid-19 RTPCR test in Delhi then you can visit our website and fill in your details in a small clinical foam in Delhi. You can book your covid-19 RTPCR test from home and after filling the foam our health experts will contact you and book your appointment and our professional doctors will go for your RTPCR test. And you can book your covid-19 RTPCR test by calling us on +91 9811156942

What are the guidelines for sharing the RTPCR test report with the government?

To keep the data of covid-19 RTPCR test reports, it is very important for us to follow the guidelines of the government. To help the government keep the data of the covid-19 patients, we share all these reports and information with the government from an online portal created by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for all RT-PCR test reports. 

When can I get my RTPCR test report?

Our company painfree after giving you RTPCR test in Delhi, once your sample is received in our lab, it will provide you the report of your covid-19 RTPCR test within 24 hours, it will also be subject to the laws given by the government so that we will give you Provide your RTPCR test report as soon as possible.

How to do your RTPCR test Delhi

Painfree is a healthcare website that provides service by thinking about its services and your health care. But this round of covid-19 is going on, which is a harmful disease for everyone, so you do not need to panic, we have brought you the RTPCR test of covid-19 disease in Delhi for you, that too only 950 \ – There are many platforms in the market that are giving you the service of RTPCR test, but I will suggest you about the painfree which will make you sit at home in RTPCR test Delhi.

So if you want to take the covid-19 RTPCR test in Delhi, then you can contact your site Painfree and book your appointment now.

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