Massage on a portable massage pillow with infrared heat

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Massage on a portable massage pillow with infrared heat

Modern technologies continue to impress the world, especially as they introduce new products that provide comfort, reduce stress, and offer healing properties. An innovative product that offers both convenience and functionality is a portable massage pillow. Spa in DIP

This product allows users to enjoy an energetic massage from almost any location they want at any time. The latest products on the market are of high build quality and made with excellent materials. The makers of this product have improved the process that provides instant relief from chronic illnesses and packaged it in an easy-to-use design. Spa in DIP

As a portable massage pillow relieves stress

The cushion supports the back and instantly relieves tension and tension from sore muscles. The soothing massage effect creates a deep penetrating movement that releases toxins that accumulate in the body and create muscle tension.

Many people find it difficult to maintain good posture and suffer after a day’s work, long hours spent at the computer, or sitting in a car. Relieving chronic back pain with medication can lead to other physical ailments and cause fatigue and disability. Choosing a massage to ease muscle stress is a safe and effective way to get rapid relief.

Massage therapy can also relieve pain caused by headaches, osteoarthritis, period cramps, and tight muscles. Having an easily accessible portable massage pad brings instant relief without the need to rely on others or purchase bulky equipment.

Features of a portable massage pillow

The portability of this type of massage pillow makes it a popular choice for many people. It can be used in the office, where muscle tension and back pain often occur. The pillow can be placed in the bedroom to relieve stress and tension at bedtime. Travelers are happy to take a pillow with them on the road for a quick massage after a long trip. A portable massage pillow offers an alternative when space is at a premium.

New technologies have also created methods that provide worry free products. Portable massage pillows are durable and stain resistant and can withstand constant use for many years. An attractive design blends well with any decor and easily fits into a room without being obvious. In some families, a person usually spends most of the time in a massage chair; The portable massage pillow allows everyone to share a relaxing experience, enjoying daily stress and stress relief.

Massage – Removes the effect of tension and tones the muscles

In general, massage means squeezing or kneading the muscles. If done carefully, massage can be soothing. If you massage violently, the massage can have a stimulating effect, as it speeds up blood and lymphatic flow. Therefore, massage can be useful both in relieving the effects of tension and in toning muscles. Massage can also induce a feeling of well-being which can promote weight control and overall fitness.

Massage is often used by doctors to relieve pain in rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, sprains, and stiffness. It is also often used as a method of maintaining muscle tone in cases such as muscle loss and paralysis. However, this type of massage should only be performed on the advice of a doctor, and should only be performed by a professional masseur.

Regular or general massage can be very helpful in relieving stress. Tension involves tension, and therefore the consequences can often be easily recognized. The flesh is stronger than it should be to finger pressure, and there may be small pieces of lumpy tissue below the surface. Massage can help relax these muscles and at the same time have a positive psychological effect. Overweight people can benefit from a massage. Massage can help our posture by strengthening our muscles.

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Massage is often mentioned in health advice because it is very easy to do and has many benefits. We can even try it at home. All we need for a home massage is a hard surface, like a mattress or blanket, and a warm room. It is also a good idea to take a bath before the massage to help us relax.

Benefits of pure essential oils

Essential oils are often referred to as the living energy of nature. These oils are aromatic extracts derived from shrubs, trees, shrubs, roots and seeds. These aromatic extracts are necessary for the growth of plants. They are a source of plant nutrition for good health and well-being.

Researchers have found that when these oils are extracted and applied topically, along with some taken orally (like lemon and peppermint), they can soothe, recharge, cleanse, balance, and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Some essential oils on the market, labeled “pure essential oils”, are extracted with aggressive chemicals, diluted, copied, and produced in the laboratory. The essential oils used for aromatherapeutic massage must be pure essential oils of the therapeutic class. The importance of using “pure essential oils” should be emphasized as the skin absorbs these oils from the blood. The body recognizes organic oil cells and can then use them to promote healing. Body Massage in DIP

If these oils are not organic, the body has to find a way to get rid of them because it recognizes them as toxins, thus creating more stress on the body. Pure essential oils are extracted without chemicals and are used either by steam or cold pressing, depending on the type of herb used. They were also cultivated under a strict ban on pesticides and herbicides.

As certified aromatherapists

As certified aroma therapists, we have learned the science of blending essential oils for massage. The perfect blend of essential oils for disease can help the body heal. These oils are used in conjunction with a technique called European lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system of the body is designed to eliminate toxins.

It is known that it removes toxins from the body through movement, exercise or, in this case, imitating this effect through massage. Therefore, combining a very relaxing massage technique with a blend of essential oils can help remove toxins from the body.

Wonderful relaxing massage

Our clients not only benefit from a wonderful relaxing massage, but also from essential oils which are mixed personally for each one. Usually, the first reception includes a brief consultation with the customer to determine the correct oil blend for their condition.

The blend of oils is very unique for each person as they are mixed together like a recipe for a better word. Each recipe in the blend is designed and scientifically proven to help the body recover.

Essential oils are divided into three different characteristics. Top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top notes have an immediate effect faster, the middle notes have a balancing effect and the base notes have a longer effect. In perfect balance, they are absorbed by the skin.

Oils are pure living energy cells that combine with cells in the body, creating the perfect environment for the body to regenerate and heal itself. For a lasting positive effect, a massage should be performed at least once a week. This has proven to be a great holistic approach to stress management.

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