Must Know About Quinoa glycemic index

Quinoa glycemic

Quinoa is one of the best non animal foods that provide us protein. It also has essential amino acids that our body needs and we get these only from our diet. In addition to this, the product also has fiber, copper, vitamins and minerals.

It is always debated whether quinoa is good for a diabetic person, because it has a glycerin index rank that comes in the middle of the index. Glycemic index shows how a food product or fruit can raise your blood sugar levels. The food items and fruits that are below 55 in glycemic index are considered good products for a diabetic person. Let us study the quinoa and its ranking on the glycemic index.

 Glycemic index

Glycemic index lists the ranking of foods according to their role in raising blood sugar levels. Each food item and fruit is given a ranking on the index to show how fast or slow the item can affect blood sugar levels in the bloodstream after eating the same food item.

Food items are placed on the scale from 0-100 in the low, medium and high glycemic category. Ranking below 55 is considered a low category, which is safe for a diabetic person to eat. Medium category is 56-69 on index, while 70 plus is high risk food for a diabetic person.

Sugar and carbs in food items make them dangerous for a diabetic person. These foods suddenly increase blood glucose levels. Higher content food, food with protein and fat come under less risky food categories for diabetes. These food items have low index rank.  Some products such as nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and oils are not put on the index, because these have no carbs.

Quinoa comes at the middle levels below the risk level. It has a glycemic index level of 53, which is considered safe for diabetes.  There is no reason why this food item is safe for a diabetic person. The higher fiber content and protein slow down the digestion process, which releases sugar slowly into the bloodstream. Thus, it prevents sudden increase in blood sugar level

Quinoa is helpful for a diabetic person

The higher fiber content actually is helpful for diabetes because protein and fiber keep control over blood sugar levels.  Quinoa is full of amino acids that we can get from food only. That makes it a complete protein diet. It also helps to control the carbohydrate intake to manage diabetes. One serving of cooked quinoa has around 40 grams of carbs.

Studies have pointed to the fact that quinoa can help in type 2 diabetes management.  A diabetic person, especially with type 2 diabetes can prevent the progression of the diabetes with a healthy diet and exercises. Quinoa can be part of the diet for lasting benefits. Males who are facing erection issues due to diabetes are often suggested Generic Cialis 40 mg in severe cases. With a healthy diet including quinoa, they can cut down both blood sugar levels and erection difficulties.

Lower glucose levels

Quinoa can lower blood sugar levels more efficiently than gluten free pasta and bread. It was effective in keeping both blood triglycerides and fatty acids low in a type 2 diabetic people.

Quinoa is gluten-free

Not only is it free from sugar, but also has close to nil gluten levels. It is good for people with allergy to certain food items.  Unlike other gluten free diets, quinoa increases the nutrient value of your diet as well. The diabetic person who cannot eat pasta, bread or wheat based products, can take quinoa instead.

Part of natural remedies

Quinoa is part of a natural diet and remedies suggested to males to keep diabetes in check. Since diabetes control depends on the lifestyle of a person to a great extent, the diet with quinoa is always recommended for type 2 diabetes. 

Males with diabetes need to control diabetes to prevent onset of erectile dysfunction. Medically it has been proved that a diabetic male gets erection issues sooner or later. Though doctors suggest Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg for severe cases of erection difficulties, the natural cure comes from managing diabetes.


Quinoa comes under 55 on the glycemic index, which is considered safe for a diabetic person. It does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels. The fiber and protein in it in fact are considered good diets for a diabetic person. Doctors suggest that a healthy diet with exercises is more important for managing diabetes than medication. Increase intake of quinoa for better management of diabetes naturally.

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