Remove Mugshot Photo From Google – Here Is What You Can Do

Remove Mugshot photo from Google

A mug shot or mugshot is a photographic portrait taken from shoulders up, usually upon the arrest. These are typically taken from both the front and side profile. The original objective was to keep a record of the arrested person for identification and other similar purposes. But the current scenario is a bit different as mugshots are being commercialized. Entrepreneurs in The United States monetize these public records with the help of the mugshot printing industry that has sprung up in recent years. 

Why does one need to Remove the Mugshot photo from Google? 

Mugshots are clicked upon official arrest. The data remains in the official database. If the charges are dropped, these will still exist in the public record. So, a formal request has to be made to have them removed. 

Some experts working in the US legal system believe that mugshots negatively impact the jury’s thought process. These create a ‘wanted criminal’ image in their minds and cloud their judgment. Further, upon release, the individuals find it tough to live a normal life as the mugshots hinder employment opportunities. These are the major reasons people want to get their mugshots removed from the internet and other databases. 

How to Remove Mugshot photo from Google? 

Removing a mugshot from the police database is not that difficult. All one needs to do is to make a formal request to do so. One can do this through professional services as well. 

However, once the mugshot is online, it stays there forever for the public record. As mentioned earlier, it can be a stone in the road to a new and improved life. But, it is not easy to Remove Mugshot photo from Google. It can take months to get this done, sometimes even longer. 

Often, the mugshots appear as the first search result if one googles their name. This can be detrimental to future career opportunities, personal life, mental health, and reputation. The easiest ways to deal with mugshots are listed below. 

  1. Hiring an online reputation management professional 

They are trained and certified individuals. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to deal with mugshots and other defaming content on the web. One can seek help from them to Remove Mugshot photo from Google

  • Posting family photos 

This may sound absurd, but it is a smart way out of the problem. Good pictures with friends and family are a tool to bury those ugly mugshots in the deep corners of the web. Then, the person needs to post these photos on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. The profile should be made public so that they can appear as google search results. The more platforms the photos are posted on, the deeper the mugshots are buried. 

Mugshots can have detrimental effects on a person’s life even after being proven innocent. So, removal of these can help to ensure a better life for them, which they rightly deserve. 

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