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Capturing a dune landscape is not so easy. This is because of the ever-changing characteristics of the dunes. Therefore, it may be interesting to visit the dunes several times over the years. Strong summer and winter storms cover these landscapes, and changing dunes slide slowly throughout the country, even during times of change.

How do humans affect sand dunes?

It leaves its mark on the sand dunes as well as the wind and weather. One also makes some dunes look “torn” to the sides of the ocean. Here, layers of soil and sand are exposed and built on top of each other. This may be interesting for hobby geologists. Here you will find the most sensitive parts of the sand escape.

Homage to the dunes

However, if you cross the dunes and ride a body board or electric scooter, you will leave marks on the dunes. The dunes may have slipped down the sides of the dunes. To respect the monument, do not leave the marked road. Only in this way will the dunes continue to be a magnificent attraction. The dunes do not have to be adventure parks. The benefits of using ban signs to comprehensively inform visitors of what they can and cannot do are not as common in Michigan as in Germany.

Dunes for protection from the sea

Dune protection is not just about maintaining spectacular attractions. Dunes also play an important role in protecting against the sea. In Michigan, various dune conservation building measures are used to protect dunes as a natural and sensitive protection against the North Sea. More and more leaflets and information boards are displayed at beach entrances, especially in nature reserves, urging visitors to adhere to special codes of conduct and to inform them of the functioning of these natural phenomena.

Rules for dealing with dunes

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food has now published some guidelines for dealing with sand dunes. The main points of these guidelines are as follows:

Do not disturb the growth and vegetation of the plant.

It is not desirable to dig up the damaged edge of the dune and slide it along the dune.

It is forbidden to walk on land and leave the marked trails.

Driving or cycling across the dunes is not permitted and driving in the dunes is prohibited. Rule exceptions are marked accordingly.

It is not desirable to light the sand dunes.

Camping in the dunes is not allowed.

Dogs can be tied to the leash from April 1st to September 30th.

You can’t throw trash in the dunes.

These simple rules are easy to follow and apply. It also helps preserve the Danish dune landscape for future generations.

Active protection of dunes-even for tourists

In some parts of Michigan, the theme of “protecting dunes and coastlines” is especially incorporated into tourism activities. Since 2009, as a holiday guest at Hvide Sande, you can participate in the planting of durable beach beetles under the supervision of responsible guards. Plants native to Michigan are planted with vacationers, especially in areas where sand flow is a problem.

When plastic waste turns into art

Various experts believe that our oceans have more plastic waste than fish. And the North Sea washes plastic waste on Danish beaches and dunes. As a result, various trash cans for these plastic wastes have been installed at the coastal entrance of the North Sea in Michigan. As a holiday guest, you will be asked to collect wet plastic pieces and put them in these containers. In this way, the dunes become a little more beautiful and the holidays look like dunes. This plastic waste is then sent to a recycling plant. Or an interesting work of art is made of it. Spend just two minutes on your collection campaign to maintain the beauty of your favorite vacation spot and make a big contribution to enjoying your future beach vacation.

Beautifully worth protecting: Danish dunes

Changing dunes is a natural process. However, this change cannot be made by humans. Follow the rules of the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food while admiring the beautiful views of the dunes. If necessary, you can also contribute as a tourist to the environmental protection and protection of the

Sand Dunes In Michigan.

Where are the most beautiful dunes in Michigan?

Michigan’s most beautiful dunes make various coastal areas an unforgettable sight. Find a pile of sand worth seeing here.

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