Top Billing Software for 2021

top billing software

What is Medical Billing Software? 

If you are currently thinking about investing in a medical billing software but are unsure about whether or not this software would do you any good then you have come to the right place. In this piece, we will discuss the various billing software options you have out there. This will possibly allow you to choose the right billing software for yourself. 

We will discuss various options from Athena Billing system to Kareo billing software so that you are able to come to a conclusion about which software would ideally suit your needs. All in all, we want to equip you with the information which will help you make the right decision for all your EHR needs! Keep reading to find out more about the right software choice for you. 

Best Medical Billing Software in the Game

Athena Billing System

The first software in our list is an accompaniment of Athena EHR Software which is a very popular option for EHR software. Athena Billing system is very popular for a variety of reasons. One of the features in this software allows you to analyze revenue tools so that you are able to look at how revenues are performing; whether they are going up, what areas they are from and much more. All of this helps you figure out how to maximize both your efficiency and revenues. Another great feature in the Athena Billing system is the coding features. The software simplifies adding codes to forms and claims because it comes equipped with the proper coding information you need to file any forms or claims correctly without having to worry about making any kind of mistakes!


After Athena Billing system we have NextGen EHR which also serves as a great billing software. This software is easily able to integrate to your EHR software and your practice management software so you can use your billing software in tandem with one another rather than having to update each software individually. The software also allows you to increase your revenue as it allows you to increase the amount of claims you process, which helps gets more claims accepted and hence allows you to get reimbursed more often and much sooner as well! 


DrChrono is another software company that produces a wonderful billing software service. The billing software by DrChrono has a real time eligibility checking feature which helps you to check whether a patient qualifies for insurance right away. This helps you avoid patients who might not otherwise qualify for insurance from the get go! The medical codes this feature comes equipped with also allows you to make things easier which in turn lets you make billing much quicker and more accurate and hence get reimbursed quicker as well! 


Kareo is another wonderful EHR software that has been around for quite a while. The billing software by Kareo is one of the more affordable options in the market which makes it a popular billing software choice. Another great thing about this software is that it has a credit card feature which makes payments by your patients much easier. Payments are not only easier but they can be done safely online without either party having to meet the other which makes for a lot of convenience!


The claims feature in NueMD’s billing software is a game changer. The claims feature in NueMD’s billing software allows you to make filing claims a lot easier since a large portion of the process is automated with the software. This also allows you to process the claims much better as they are cleared faster and hence you get your money reimbursed much sooner as a result which is something everyone wants anyway. Another great thing about this software is that it sends payment reminders to users. The reminders help remind both you and your patients about outstanding bills so that they can be paid back. This not only reminds you of bills unpaid but also prompts patients to pay them themselves! 

Which Medical Billing Software you Should Invest in

At the end of the day, it depends on what your needs are on which software you are going to choose for yourself. We suggest asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you commit to it. 

Whether you choose Athena Billing system or NueMD’s billing software, we are sure you will choose a software which works best for your needs. 

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