Top Mental Health EHR to Employ at Your Medical Practice

Mental Health EHR

Why you Need a Mental Health EHR 

If you are a psychiatrist or a psychologist running a mental health related practice, then perhaps we can help you figure out which EHR software you should invest in and employ for your practice. These days, for medical practices, having an EHR software is mandatory by law in most states. In this piece, we will be talking about which are some of the best mental health EHR options available in the market for you so that you can know which software you should consider. 

With an EHR software you are able to easily manage your practice. From scheduling appointments to being able to take care of your billing. These software go a long way in helping you manage your medical practice seamlessly. So if you want to know more about some of the best options for a mental health related EHR for your practice then keep reading! 

Top Mental Health EHR Software for 2021


The first software that we want to talk about which makes for a wonderful option for mental health related practices happens to be AdvancedMD EHR. This software has a spate of features which make it a good choice for your mental health practice. The software has a patient scheduling feature which allows you to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible. 

It also gives you access to a variety of templates that you can explore and choose from. The templates allow you to explore what would be a best fit for you and even allow you to further customize these templates so they can better fit your needs. 


The second software on this list for best mental health EHR is DrCloudEHR. This software also has a number of features which serve a mental health related practice well. The first feature we want to talk about is the dashboard feature which is very user friendly and allows you to navigate through it very easily. This allows you to adapt to the software in no time at all so that you do not have to be confused at all. 

Another feature in DrCloudEHR which makes it such an attractive option is the fact that the software is incredibly secure. The software is encrypted and is housed within Microsoft Azure so that you have off-site backup for all the information related to your practice which is in safe hands and has no room for any privacy breaches either! 


TherapyNotes as the name suggests is another great option for any mental health related practice. The software is specifically designed for mental health professionals. The software has a great to-do list feature which keeps all your data front and center so that you know what areas you have to take care of and things you need to get done within a day. 

The software also comes equipped with a practice management component which allows you to manage various aspects of your practice apart from scheduling appointments, you can keep track of inventory, look at statistics and much more; all of which helps you in being a better practitioner! 

Cerner Behavioral Notes

Cerner is the last software we want to talk about in our list for best mental health EHR. This software has a variety of features that we want to talk about. The first feature in this software that is of importance is the reporting and analytics feature which allows you to look at statistics related to your practice and improve on your performance and make changes which benefit both the outcomes for your practice and your patients. 

The software also has an integration feature which is great. This feature allows you to integrate billing and practice management software into the same place so that you can essentially manage each aspect of your practice from one unified place which makes things much more streamlined for you. 

Which Mental Health EHR you Should Invest in

Now if you are wondering which one of these software in our list for best mental health EHR you should opt for then we cannot recommend one single software but can perhaps help you come to your own conclusion about the software. 

We recommend asking the vendors for any of these software for a demo. For example an AdvancedMD demo will help you come to a better conclusion about whether or not the software is a viable option for you. 

We are confident that one of these software from our list of best mental health EHR is the right option for you and you will be able to both find it and benefit from it! 

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