Types of Cars You Can Hire for Various Occasions

The cars are an important part of the entourage hired for various occasions. You can easily get one at the luxury car hire service in Mumbai. The cars like Audi, Mercedes, etc. provide exceptional comfort and meet luxury car transportation needs. These offer an ultimate selection of luxury cars that suit various occasions and events.

The following list includes the various car categories that can also be hired from Luxury Cars Rentals in Mumbai.


Numerous versions of Audi cars are available nationwide, including saloons, SUVs, and Sportback. Its sleek design is one of the primary factors in the company’s success in India. Customers in this market adore how powerful of a road presence the majority of the brand’s vehicles have. 

The single-frame hexagonal front grille, crisp lines, and overall fluidic design are traits shared by all Audi sports cars for rent in Mumbai. In addition, rich interior finishing materials and a cutting-edge dashboard design give the cabin a luxurious sense. The most recent models have a vast touch-screen, ventilated seats, and other features that provide its consumers with a more luxurious experience.


BMW is one of the world’s most popular and well-known luxury automobile brands. It’s nearly impossible to travel around town without seeing many BMW car rentals in Mumbai, given the millions of these vehicles on the road. 

It is one of the most prestigious luxury automobile brands ever created and possibly one of the most well-known German automakers in the entire globe. The X7, 3 Series Gran Limousine, and 3 Series are India’s most well-liked BMW models.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz India is the first and oldest luxury car manufacturer to enter the nation with more than two decades of history. The corporation has actively promoted new and opulent items as India’s automobile industry grows. 

The company currently conducts business from its production site in Chakan, Maharashtra. The fact that most models of Mercedes for car hire are highly localized aids the brand in keeping its advantage over competitors. The C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, and GLE are some of the brand’s most well-liked vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles’ luxury, power, and build quality are well renowned. The company provides various models at various pricing points to fulfill the client’s needs. The most well-liked Mercedes-Benz amenities include adjustable suspension, 64-color ambient lighting, huge touch-screen devices, 3D HUD, ventilated and massaging seats, and Burmester surround sound, among others.

Rolls Royce

A large selection of luxurious coupes, sedans, and SUVs from Rolls-Royce, the luxury car hire in Mumbai, is outstanding and completely customizable. Each features the powerful Rolls-Royce body with its recognizable grille, striking LED lighting, and the Spirit of Ecstasy crown. In addition, a host of smart materials and cutting-edge technologies will meet you inside.

Rolls-Royce has always placed a premium on building reliable and long-lasting automobiles. As a result, every new Rolls-Royce model is designed to excel in any scenario and beyond all of your expectations. This includes superior all-wheel drive settings, premium performance modes, accessible suspension adjustment, and short handles. You will undoubtedly love your ride in any new Rolls-Royce model, whether you are a driver or a passenger.

Limousine car

A limousine for hire in Mumbai is a big, luxurious vehicle range. Very wealthy or influential persons frequently hire limousines, which a chauffeur typically drives.

New limos are made from a range of automobile features. They are utilized at social gatherings like weddings and celebrations. In addition, brightly colored novelty limousines are famous for different occasions.

Vintage car

The term “vintage car” refers to an old car that may have originated with the first four-wheelers. Modern royal weddings have vintage car hire as a necessary component. To weddings and reception events, they add a distinctly vintage appeal. Additionally, they have been featured in films, used in competitions, graced magazine covers, and driven by famous individuals.

Yacht Chopper

Boats like the Yacht Chopper are typically used for leisure. However, the pinnacle of practicality and elegance is a yacht wedding. The ceremony and reception will be on board, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views.


Luxury Cars Hire service is the finest choice if you’re seeking a convenient, cozy, secure, and reasonably priced way to rent a car in Mumbai. It helps you move as per your reputation in society and the type of work you do. Also, the services are available end-to-end. It helps you concentrate on the main chore

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