Use QR Codes and Payment links as a Touch-Free Payment

QR Codes

A QR code is displayed on the POS (Point of Sale) screen while using the pay with QR code method. Users can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes and launch the payment screen to checkout. Besides, there is no need to touch the POS screen to make the payments, which makes it easier, convenient, and safer. 

Another innovative payment method is through the payment link. This works when you tap on “Send Payment“, and the user gets a link on their phone that they can use to pay the required amount. Next, you will have to email or text your Customer to initiate the process. There’s no monthly charge for using payment links with QR codes, and this scan-to-pay method is very simple. A few benefits of using the QR codes and payment links are:


Whether you are willing to receive tips or bonuses, request a custom amount, or sell various items, these types of payment options are highly flexible, ensuring that it caters to all your unique needs and requirements. 

Less contact:

By offering an experience of touch-free payment, you will be able to boost your customers’ safety and help them attain peace of mind. QR payments are the future of mobile payments owing to all the factors mentioned above. It is a safe, easy, inexpensive, and secure way to send money and make bill payments. QR code technology has become one of the most viable alternatives as compared to the usual payment methods.

Offer convenient payment options:

This is one of the most convenient payment options. With QR codes, one can easily accept or send payments through debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Square Pay.

This is just a 3-step process that is extremely easy and quick. Here is what you need to do when you opt for the pay with QR code method:

  • Initially, a QR code is displayed on the POS screen.
  • The Customer scans the QR code with his phone and launches a payment screen.
  • The Customer can pay by using Google Pay, credit card, Square Pay, Apple Pay or any other authorized cashback payment apps

And in case you are opting for the payment link method. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  • The merchant creates a link so that the Customer can make the payment.
  • Also, the merchant can share the link through text or email to the Customer.
  • To open a simple payment screen, the Customer will click the link.
  • The Customer can then pay by using Google Pay, credit card, Square Pay, or Apple Pay.

How to enable tipping on Payment links?

If the Customer like the services offered, they can even tip the merchant or service provider. The merchant should have ‘tipping’ enabled in their system to receive tips and bonuses. Here are the steps to enable tipping on payment links:

Step 1: Click the POS menu

Step 2: Go to settings

Step 3: Click “Tipping”

Step 4: Then toggle on “Collect Tips”

Now, the customers will send tips which is a fantastic gesture to encourage a business and help them move forward. 

These days, most shoppers/merchants are using the scan-to-pay method. We hope you understand using QR codes and payment links as a touch-free payment from this article.

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