Everything to Know About Dress Code For Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari

In Dubai, tourists often visit the desert safari as one of their top attractions. A trip to the Emirates will never be the same due to the architectural masterpieces, the theme parks, and more. Many people who have experienced the safari describe it as extraordinary.

 Desert safari in Dubai is a mind-blowing experience as you can experience rides that you have never imagined. You can taste the soulful dinner, spend a night in camps, witness sunrise and sunset in the desert. With the enchanting views, crisp sand, giant dunes, and tremendous thrilling rides, you will never get this anywhere else except the Dubai desert. 

However, during this all fun, you should take care of your comfort level, your health, fitness, and everything to enjoy fully. I usually observe a few of the visitors, especially those who visited for the first time, dont know about what to wear and how to be entirely comfy and claim they have not enjoyed well due to their clothing.

It’s essential to consider and follow the advice of people who’ve done desert safaris before when dressing for it. You need to know the correct dress code for a Dubai desert safari to avoid regretting your decision later. 

We come up with a solution to your problem and guide you thoroughly about your dress code, what are comfortable clothes and shoes and how you should carry yourself during this journey. Let’s spare a few moments and give it a quick read. 

Dressing Depends On Safari Type

There is no requirement for modest clothing in Dubai since tourists will have other tourists to interact with. People come from all over the world, so one is going to judge you on your dressing.  Wear whatever is comfortable for a Desert Safari. However, women are expected to cover their shoulders and knees at all times to get safe from a hot day and chilly evenings. 

If you choose the morning desert safari, then keep in mind the day is much hot in the desert, and you have to protect your skin from tan and do not wear warm clothes. When you choose an evening safari package, evenings are chilly, and you should keep jackets, and women should carry shawls to stay warm.

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What To Wear in Dubai Desert?

It is recommended that women and men wear loose-fitting, comfortable trousers or jeans. They will be comfortable and cool if they are made from linen or cotton. Dubai desert safari in the morning is ideal for wearing them. The upper or hood or jacket is suitable for evening safari for both men and women. 

Cotton pants or shorts are suitable for men. For hot afternoons, shorts are appropriate. For desert safari, shorts are not the best choice because you should cove your legs for your safety, becuase you have to experience a variety of rides. It might be uncomfortable for them to wear shorts because they will be primarily seated in an AC jeep. 

People who engage in sand-based activities like sand-boarding or dunking can end up with a lot of sand everywhere. Additionally, it is not very comfortable to ride a camel in shorts on a desert safari. So, comfy trousers are preferable for men. Trousers are a better bet. However, the zip-off trousers that get converted to shorts are okay.

For women, they can wear trousers and T-shirts, or a salwar kameez. Loose-fitting tops and full sleeves should replace t-shirts. It is acceptable for women to wear knee-length skirts. For those interested in a camel ride or sandboarding, a skirt is likely not the best wear.

As it gets colder during the night, men and women are advised to bring jackets, sweaters, or shawls. For sun and sand protection, they should also wear a scarf or wrap it around their faces.

It would be okay to wear sneakers, flip-flops, and light boots for the dune bashing drive. You’d be better off walking on dunes in light boots and sneakers that keep your feet snug in the camp at night. 

Additional Accessories

Tourists should not bring hefty luggage on safari. You have to take care of your items when it comes to snacks, no need to bring them too, because, in the Dubai desert safari, you will get unlimited snacks, coffee, tea, and water. Moreover, you can also buy anything from there.

Keep a small bag with you to keep little things like sunscreen, lip balm, shades, sunglasses, and wipes. Your safety is the responsibility of your hired agency. So no worries and enjoy.

Wrap it Up! 

Here we have provided you with the details to visit the desert safari, and you have to be careful about your dressing. It should be comfortable for you as you have to spend long hours in the desert. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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