Ways to Maintain Siblings Relationship

Ways to Maintain Siblings Relationship

Siblings are the best gift that parents give us. They are our first friend and enemy as well. They don’t want to live with each other and can’t live without each other as well. The relationships between siblings are bittersweet and strained sometimes. They have known each other very well since childhood. 

But in today’s busy life all relationships are taken for granted, even siblings one. No one has time to sit with each other or even talk to each other over a call for a while. Life has become a race, and people are running behind money and success. But we forgot that life is not about materialistic things but about spiritual connections. 

We should never forget that our life is all about cherishing these alliances that we are blessed with. Everyone is not fortunate to have relations, family, siblings and friends around them. 

In this fast-racing world, where all are busy in their own life, we fail to find time for our loved ones, even if we want to. So it becomes harder to maintain relationships.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and even with this busy life, you must be missing your sibling for all the reasons. You can buy rakhi gifts on this auspicious occasion for your sibling. If you are looking for ways and tips on how to maintain your relationship with your siblings, then here I have curated a list for you. You can look into these ways and try them on. 

Make a call-

As siblings, both of you have grown up together sharing stuff with each other. There was a time in your life when you both couldn’t live without talking to each other. And now the situation has changed due to certain circumstances, and you are away from each other and certainly don’t find time to talk. To maintain any relationship, it is necessary to have conversations, even if it is for a few minutes. So make sure to talk to each other over a call at least once a week, so that you are aware of each other’s life. If possible make video calls, they are more effective. 

Send Gifts-

Sending gifts to each other is a very sweet gesture of spreading love. Sometimes it becomes difficult to express feelings in words, so sending gifts is a way to do that. There are a lot of gift options available these days in the market. From personalised gifts to hampers, options are uncountable. You can choose according to your preference. With the online delivery services, you can send gifts to India from the USA too. This way you will be able to keep in touch with each other.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments-

Siblings are meant to fight, even if they love each other. Arguments and conflicts are very common among siblings. But these fights are healthy and can be forgotten until they are kids and are together in the same house with parents. But these conflicts and heated arguments can become a reason for a strained relationship when they grow older. This is because of ego issues. One should try avoiding and discussing topics that can lead to unnecessary arguments. Even if it happens due to any reason, try forgetting them once it is over. Because winning over the arguments is not as important as the relationship between the two. 

Catch up on each other-

I know finding time to meet is not possible these days, and it has become more difficult after this corona pandemic situation. But try to meet at least once a year. This way you will be able to connect with each other and have a healthy relationship.

Reminisce your memory-

Childhood is the best days of one’s life, and if it is spent with siblings, it becomes even more special. That childhood fights over toys, stationeries, TV remote, running behind each other, playing together, irritating and playing pranks on each other are some fun things that need to be reminisced about.

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