What is the Difference between Soft Armor and Hard Body Armor

When it comes to keeping you safe from ballistic and other types of weapons, body armor is the best option. This type of protective gear is designed to protect you from guns, knives, and other types of spiked and ballistic weapons. Body armor is typically used by police officers, military officials, security guards, and other law enforcement personnel. Besides these professionals, body armor is also worn by high-level executives and civilians who need protection against threats. Bullet-proof vests, armor plates, ballistic helmets are most commonly used to prevent fatal injuries. This protective equipment helps in dispersing the energy/force of a gunshot. There are various types of body armor for different threat levels which means you need to first evaluate your specific situation to choose the right type of armor. Typically, the body armors are divided into two categories- hard armor and soft body armor.

Both soft and hard body armor helps in stopping the impact of bullets or spiked weapons. However, when planning to buy body armor, it is important to find out the difference between the two. So, let’s find out the difference between hard and soft body armor to help you understand which one will suit you best.

Hard Body Armor

Hard body armor is made of multiple layers of strong and durable materials like steel, ceramics, bullet-resistant fibers ceramic composites, Kevlar, and more. With the advancement in body armor technology, manufacturers are producing lightweight hard armor but still, this type of armor vests and plates are heavy and bulky as compared to soft armor inserts. Since hard body armor is made using robust material to enhance their protection level, these are less flexible and heavier. As compared to their counterpart soft armor, hard armor vests can provide protection against high-powered rifle ammunition. The hard body armor is most suited for in a higher-risk environment that needs protection from a high-caliber rifle. Typically, hard body armor such as ceramic plates works similar to the iron suits that were used by medieval knights. This type of ballistic armor provides more protection than soft body armor and is mostly worn by soldiers and police officers.

Soft Body Armor

As the name suggests, soft body armor refers to soft and flexible armors that are comfortable to wear. The highly robust Kevlar material is used for making soft body armor inserts that are placed in the front and back of vests. This type of body armor is most popular among civilians because soft armor can be easily worn under clothes. Unlike hard armor vests that are overt, soft armor is covert which means it stays hidden inside the clothes. The soft, concealable armor is made of flexible components that that doesn’t make it any less durable. It consists of extremely strong fiber that can protect handguns and knives. So, if you’re confused about which one to buy, consider Level IV hard armor plates if you need superior protection against rifle attacks. Soft armor is most suited for those who need something comfortable and discreet to get protection for an extended time.

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