What Are The Benefits Of Interaction video?

Now, we are about to dive into the benefits of using interactive video as a strategy.

Personalized content

As we have mentioned, customization is the key to interactivity. This becomes an advantage when you see the effect and impact it has on people. When you personalize, you tend to talk to them in a more friendly way, thus increasing their confidence.

Also, how can you forget or ignore something so unique and tailored to you? It’s almost impossible. Content includes what users are looking forward to discovering. So, they can’t just skip it.

Customers will then feel the need to continue talking to your brand because they know that this relationship will be beneficial.

If your business wants to stand out from the crowd and deliver a great and extraordinary experience for people, you need to focus on personalization. This is effectively a shortcut to talking directly to your customers, without distractions or noise.

Still wondering if personalized experiences matter? Well, Epsilon’s research shows that 80% of customers tend to buy more when brands use personalization.

So, let’s move on!


Videos can be easily shared. It is a fact.

People get involved with those pieces and connect so much that they can’t keep it to themselves.

So clients tend to help you get more people into the sales funnel by spreading the word. In other words, it can increase brand awareness because more people will know that you exist.

That has to do with the fact that everyone wants to look good in social groups.

When you have a dynamic sharing experience, it will keep everyone arguing for a long time, instantly gaining notoriety among those who watched.


Engagement is such an essential metric to track these days. It tells you how connected customers are and how likely they are to keep talking to your brand and eventually buy. The good news is that interaction video can help you boost this KPI quickly.

By using personalization to keep viewers engaged, you can keep them engaged throughout your video. That means longer viewing times too.

After all, they’ll be asking questions, deciding what’s going to happen, clicking things to change perspective, and so on. They won’t stop for a second. By giving them something to do, they will get involved.

That also translates into less abandonment. Studies show that 64% of viewers are more likely to finish a video when engaged.


By doing all of that, you can also increase brand loyalty. If you choose to speak to users in a more personalized way, creating experiences that they won’t easily forget, they will come back to you by becoming loyal. That means they’ll come back for more: videos, products, and solutions.

That is the key to creating a long-term relationship between people and brands. Loyalty allows them to understand that your business is trustworthy.


What about analytics? As we said before, interaction video is vital in providing data about customers and everything you need to know about them.

You’ll have an eye on return on investment (ROI), click-through rates, content reach, engagement, conversions, etc.

That’s particularly good for decision making. If you have tons of data to back up your choices, you can avoid failures and leverage your efforts.

At the end of the day, analytics gives you the foundation to continue to evolve and grow.

Information retention

Another benefit of interactivity in your videos is that it helps increase information retention. That’s especially important to your users because it represents a better way to learn more about something and use that knowledge later.

If your goal is to educate your customers on a particular topic, interactivity is perfect for you.

In these types of pieces, people can choose to customize the content according to their preferences to learn quickly and effortlessly.

The experience is better, so they will remember it and use that information when making the final decision: to buy.

Better click rates

Interaction videos get click-through rates of up to 20%, which is much higher than 2% for linear videos.

That means it’s harder to ignore content that promises a dynamic experience. For you, this translates into higher revenue, more conversions and, as we said, brand loyalty.

Again: Interaction videos are here to stay. It’s almost impossible to overlook the power of these tools when it comes to attracting more people and improving their satisfaction.

Therefore, you should continue to pay attention to this topic and learn more about the tools that help you produce such content. In this way, you will obtain the benefits mentioned above, thus optimizing decision making.

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