At Manhattan carpet cleaners, we are happy to explain the carpet cleaning methods we use. This article will help you understand which carpet cleaning method is best for you and why.

When you see “professional carpet cleaning”, you think you are automatically getting the best cleaning service. However, different companies use different methods for professional carpet cleaning. How can you find out which one is best for you and your carpet?

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as hot water extraction. As you might guess from the different name, it uses hot water rather than steam. The hot water is sprayed onto the carpet under high pressure. The pressurised water agitates the carpet fibres and removes the dust and dirt that has become deeply embedded in them.

A hoover is then used to absorb the water used to clean the carpet and with it the dirt. If you use your carpet at home or in an office, you need to let it dry for a few hours. The drying process can take between four and six hours, depending on the temperature of the room and the condition of the carpet.

This method is often considered the most effective for many reasons. Steam cleaning makes the carpet softer and looks fresher because hot water is used. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers as 90% of dust and allergens can be removed without the use of chemicals. Most importantly, if you look at your carpet warranty documents, you may be required to have your carpet professionally cleaned with hot water extraction to keep the warranty valid. However, hot water cannot be used for all types of carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses a special cleaner or powder. This powder consists of biodegradable particles that act like micro sponges and absorb dirt. Our specialists apply the powder to the carpet using counter-rotating brushes and then vacuum it to remove dust and dirt.

This method is ideal for commercial areas as it does not require much water. The carpet can be used immediately after this treatment. It is also best for delicate carpets such as jute, seagrass and coir as the lack of water prevents the fibres from wearing out and shrinking.

Certified cleaning products and equipment

Cleaning goes beyond hand vacuuming. At Manhattan Carpet cleaners we have several types of carpet cleaning equipment and supplies to clean and revitalize your carpet.

The cleaning equipment and materials we use to clean your carpets depend on many factors. The cleaning method, the degree of soiling and the material of the fibres all play a role. With the professionals at Manhattan Carpet cleaners you don’t have to worry about these details. They know the best ways to clean your carpets perfectly.

As service industry professionals, it is our job to help educate our clients.

But more importantly, it is our duty to have the practical knowledge required to get the job done.  Ironically enough, asking your carpet cleaner questions is one of the best ways to decide which carpet cleaner to choose.  Technicians that know what they are doing can explain why any given method is best for your particular textile.

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