Can a diabetic patient live a healthy life?

can a diabetic patient live a healthy life

Diabetic patient life

People with diabetes are always looking for ways to live a normal and healthy life.  Diabetic patients have several questions going on in their mind: are they ever going to have a normal life? 

Can they ever be as healthy as they were? And the answer to this is simply yes! Just by adapting few changes in their life they could live a happy and healthy life as they lived before diabetes was diagnosed. 

Keep on reading to know more about the ways to live a healthy and normal life with diabetes.

How does diabetes affect your day to day life?

We all know about how demanding life a diabetic person lives. He must not have sugary foods, needs to be super careful, needs to regularly take medicines and regularly visit doctors. Also one faces the fear that what if situations get complicated? And with these demands life is never easy. But we can overcome these challenges to a great extent by adapting few changes in life.

What are habits to adapt for living a healthy life with diabetes?

For maintaining a healthy life while you have diabetes you must make some important lifestyle changes that affect the diabetes level. One and only way to have a normal life after you are diagnosed with diabetes is to monitor and change what you do all day. 

Following are some to dos in daily life to maintain diabetes:

· Take your medicines on time, although if you feel good you must have      your medicines regularly to ensure diabetes remains in control.

· Keep regular track of your blood sugar levels so that if there is any alteration you can directly consult a doctor.

·  Check regularly for any cut or wound that does not heal within a few days and if it worsens a little bit directly get in touch with a doctor.

·   Quit smoking and alcohol.

·    Brush your teeth twice a day to keep your mouth clean and germ free.

·   If you are suffering from any other disease with diabetes then tell your doctor clearly so they can give you medicines that suit both conditions. For example a person suffering from erectile dysfunction and type2 diabetes is given Generic Cialis 60 mg which treats both conditions.

One another way to live a healthy life with diabetes is to cope up with it and it is only possible if you take some necessary measures in your lifestyle. Here are few changes you can do to cope up with diabetes:

·   Healthy eating habit:

Consult a doctor and make a meal plan for yourself about what to have and what not and plan your diet accordingly. Include food with low calories and high fibers. Include plenty of fruits in your regular diet. Avoid cold beverages and drink water.

·   Remove tension and anxiety factors:

Stress and anxiety could worsen your diabetes; therefore it is always advised to reduce anxiety and stress in your life. Relieving stress could make your mind happier and free which would affect your diabetes in a positive manner.

·   Live an active life:

The sedentary lifestyle gives rise to diabetes, obesity and many harmful diseases. Leave your sedentary life and make a new routine that has numerous physical activities in it like exercise, a short walk and games. This active lifestyle will reduce obesity and which in turn contributes to control diabetes.

·   Avoid obesity:

One must prevent excess of weight gain when he/she is suffering from diabetes as it could worsen the condition. Researches prove that an obese person suffering from diabetes is at high potent risk of severe diseases. And if you are obese than start exercising and maintain your weight.

·    Have knowledge of complications:

One must be always aware of complications that happen when you don’t take care. As it is well said ‘precaution is better than cure’, one must be aware of complications and should take necessary precaution to avoid it. Worsening of diabetes can lead to severe complications that need to be taken care of.

·   Keep monitoring blood pressure:

Blood pressure is one of the most important aspects to be taken care of when you have diabetes. High blood pressure can lead to several diabetes complications including kidney disease, diabetes eye disease etc..

·   Have proper knowledge of medicine you take:

The medicines prescribed to you must not encounter the food you take i.e., if you are advised to take Glucobay 50mg you must have food that does not give side effects when combined with it. For that you can consult your doctor and get lists of food you can have.


A person suffering from diabetes can have a normal and healthy life at any point by just taking care of schedule and managing lifestyle. Removing all harmful habits and replacing them with healthy ones will surely guarantee a long, healthy and happy life for a diabetic patient.

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