Most Complete Guide About Bone Fracture Repair

Bone Fracture Repair

Broken bones require proper treatment. The person who experiences pain, swelling, or deformity after any accident should consider getting an x-ray of the specific area. If the results show fractures, the individual should refer to the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi to get the most suitable treatment and proper guidance.

What is bone fracture repair?

A fracture refers to a broken bone. It requires proper treatment; if the condition is serious then the medical expert requires to perform surgery. Bone fracture repair is also known as open reduction and internal fixation. Some fractures are minor, that can be treated by using a cast. Bone repair fracture is a surgical procedure for extensive damage, in which the surgeon uses plates, rods, screws, and metal pins for repairing the bones.

What is the procedure for bone fracture Repair?

The bone fractures cannot be fixed by the cast and are required to go through surgery that takes several hours. The individual is given anesthesia before the surgery. The surgeon has to make an incision near the fracture site for repair. The use of plates, rods, and metal screws helps the bone get in the right position. Also, blood vessels are re; paired during the surgery, and the surgeon closes the incision by either using the stitching technique or stapling the skin. The use of plates and rods can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the condition of the injury. Apart from this, the surgeon might recommend bone grafting; if the bones are shattered and cannot be repaired by any other technique or surgery.

What is the before-surgery protocol?

The patient has to provide the medical history and information regarding the previous surgery. Additionally, the medical expert will need to know about allergies or the supplements in use, that may cause a problem during the surgery.

Before the surgery, the individual with the fracture would have to get the latest MRI, CT scan, and other tests advised by the surgeon, to know the condition of the broken bone. Also, it is more likely, that the patient will be recommended not to eat or drink 12-24 hours before the surgery.

What are the risks associated with the surgery?

The risks associated with the surgery can be eradicated by consulting the doctor before the surgery and making him/her aware of all the medical conditions before the surgery. The risks of bone fracture repair include an allergic reaction caused by the anesthesia. Blood clotting, bleeding, and any infection after the surgery. It is important to use the medicines recommended and focus on the dressing on regular basis for proper healing. Also, the patient must visit the doctor as advised to know the condition after the surgery.

What is the aftercare of the surgery?

After the surgery, the patient will stay at the hospital for 2-3 days, where the medical staff will monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. The medicines including painkillers will be advised to make the patient comfortable and ease the pain. Physical therapy will be advised to help the patient with the stretching of the muscles. However, if the patient observes swelling or itching after the surgery should visit the doctor.

What other factors help in the healing process?

The patient should be careful after the surgery and should take medicines to avoid any complications. Also, including items enrich in Vitamin D can be beneficial.

The person who has been in an accident and happens to have extensive bone injuries is more likely to be recommended surgery. It is better to consult the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad for proper guidance.

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