How to prevent the continued knee pain in old age

Knee Pain In Old Age

With the time when a person grows old, they need to face many problems that await them. The most common problem of old age is a pain in the joints, especially in the Knees. Knee Pain In Old Age is considered one of the most common difficulties in people of old age. To cure this problem many people choose knee replacement surgery from the best orthopedic hospital in Kota. But here we will recall all the possible preventive measures in order to lower the knee pain in old age.

Knee pain in Old Age

We say that growing old can cause you pain in the knees, but this is not always the sure case. It is not compulsory that you will suffer from that pain. You can resist the pain to enter your life by following some preventive measures. You can prevent pain in the knees through a healthy lifestyle, even in your 50s. The major preventive measure to do so are:

  • Make your muscles strong through daily exercises. In order to do so, you can select exercises such as walking, jogging, water exercises. etc which will prevent the locking of the knee.
  • Try to control your weight from crossing the ideal mark. If you are maintaining an ideal weight then the pressure on knee is lesser that prevents knee pain.

Now let us discuss other preventive measures to control knee pain in old age.

Warm Up And Cool Down

The people who skip warming up before the major exercises or workouts are pushing their knees to bear high pressure. This gradual pressure bearing with time causes knee pain. So, if you are practicing habits such as directly going to the gym from work and jumping on the treadmill then you need to stop it. This is because skipping the warm-up has a high potential of strain in your knees.

So, in order to prevent these kinds of situations, you need to learn to give 5 minutes for warm-up exercises before you begin workouts. Especially, if you are in your old age then prefer doing light exercises of the muscles you will be using further.

Another best way to prevent knee pain in old age is dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is the best warm-up activity that helps to make your joints flexible and active during a workout. It also helps in improving the flow of blood in the joints of a person.

Improving Range Of Motion & Weight Control

Osteoarthritis causes knee pain in elderly people. But it is not compulsory that one has to face this problem in their grandfather age. So, the best way to prevent this pain to touch your life is to improve the range of motion and also control the weight. The increase in the range of motion will help in improving flexibility in the knee. whereas, weight control will lower the pressure on the knee.

How can you Prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis is mainly caused due to increasing age, family history, and many more things. Although some of the causes are not in your control but still you can prevent them by following up with some preventive measures.

There are hundred different types of arthritis that have been discovered so far. But the one that causes knee pain is Osteoarthritis. To prevent this arthritis, you need to develop a healthy habit of exercising on a daily basis/ Along with regular workouts, a healthy diet should also be part of your daily schedule.

Home Remedies For Preventing Knee Pain

The people who can develop knee pain from the injuries must adopt the cold treatment. In this process, the person needs to compress the injured area with the help of ice to reduce the swelling. This needs to be performed at least three times a day.

If you have any old injury that is surfacing now, you can use the heat treatment. You can apply the lukewarm sesame oil or the mustard oil mixed with a very little amount of turmeric to your joints.

You can also use some natural painkillers to lower knee pain. There are a bunch of natural ingredients in our kitchens that have the power to control the pain in joints. Consuming seeds such as sesame seeds, walnuts, and flaxseeds which are full of calcium will help. Along with it, amla is also great in sustaining the strength of bones and joints.

Now the other remedy material from the kitchen is the Giloy. You can either chew it normally or mix the powdered giloy in the warm water and drink it.

The other most powerful home medicine is turmeric. It has powerful healing properties and if consumed with warm milk can heal all of your pains in the joint.

During the winter season the pain in the joints, especially the knee suddenly increases. To help out your joints to prevent winter pain, you can consume the methi soaked in the water for the night.

Common Risk Factors For Knee Pain

The first and the major factor of knee pain is age. With the increment in age, the risk of knee pain along with osteoarthritis also increases. In old age, people generally have weaker bones and muscles that also increases their chance of getting injured. Hence, age plays a major role in knee pain.

Although it is proven that major common factors that are responsible for knee pain are: age, history of the injury in the knee, overweight, works that put more weight on the knees. But still, the main factors that stress out the knee pain are the age and extra load work on the knee. These two factor plays major roles as compared to any other factors in knee pain.

So, the best way to limit knee pain in the early days is to avoid the factors causing it at an early age. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, one also needs to consider giving fewer loads on the knees. By choosing the best preventive measure and lifestyle you can get rid of knee pain in old age.

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