Staying germ-free lets you avoid a variety of illnesses and disorders. People nowadays are very conscious of their health and appearance. Now the question is- out of natural and chemical products, which is a better choice for your health?

The article talks about how and why people are drifting towards Indus Valley organic bath and body products.

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Composed of Non-Toxic Ingredients

The first thing that appeals the most about herbal products is that they are natural, effective, and absolutely safe for human use. Any product that is applied to the skin enters the epidermal layers. Chemicals absorbed through the skin are one of the most dangerous constituents that tends to enter your body.

However, the organic bath and body products like hand washes and soaps stay on the top layer of your skin, the chemicals present in inorganic products get ingested by the skin cells causing more harm than good.

Paraben, alcohol, preservatives, artificial colour, and perfumes are all prohibited in organic products. A natural substance is always reliable in that sense, no matter what!

Miracle for The Sensitive Skin

If sensitive skin absorbs harsh ingredients in bath and body products, it is likely to cause rashes and irritation, and make it become more inflamed. It causes skin cells to split open resulting into serious skin problems.

Plant extracts, essential oils, and mild components in herbal treatments are harmless and gentle on the skin when applied, even if absorbed into the circulation.

Women Hygiene

There are countless DIY skin and hair care suggestions making rolls in the market. A few things, such as face washes, scrubs, soaps, and even shampoos can be prepared at home by anyone, but the products related to intimate area and hygiene (like sanitary pads, vaginal cleansing products, and moisturising creams) should not be used blindedly; but must be purchased from a trustworthy brand by closely examining the constituents.

Since, no one actually knows any homemade recipe for cleaning and maintaining intimate health, in such scenarios, the availability of organics is worth thanking for the complete hygiene of women.

Irritation and dryness of the vaginal area does not require immediate attention. But if it stays for more than a week, it should be treated immediately by the gynaecologist because it can result into bleeding and/or splitting of the vaginal walls. One should try and make sure no chemical  or adverse product gets to reach this sensitive place.

Dual Benefitting Natural Deodorants

The skin of your underarms is one of the most fragile areas in a human body. Therefore, while choosing a deodorant for your underarms, read the product carefully.

Most consumers try a deodorant’s aroma before buying it. Hormone-disrupting phthalates are used to generate this fake smell. A fragrance-free natural deodorant is good for skin since it kills sweat causing bacteria without clogging pores.

Thankfully, certain bath and body works firms produce high-quality, medically certified organic deodorants that contain skin-safe ingredients like lemongrass, mint, and lavender.

Children Friendly

Toddlers’ skin is the most sensitive. They are born with a low immunity. Preservatives and artificial fragrances are common elements in the chemical products that are not tolerated by children’s sensitive skin. Mineral Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Phthalates, Talc, Paraben, BHA, and BHT are some of the ingredients meant to keep away from a child’s reach.

Infants whose mothers use chemical-based body and bath care products may be at greater risk. Breathlessness in children is frequent due to modest inhalation of chemical scents or one from a shampoo.

Natural products are free of any such potential chemical ingredients. These are moderate, calming, and completely safe as long as no allergens are present, making them ideal for users with children.

Safe For Longer Hours

Chemical products often seem excellent for skin treatment by claiming to provide excellent conditioning to the cells, and give positive results quickly. Many users are so enthralled by such quick results that they decide to use the product for several months.

The harmful consequences of poisonous chemicals are typically unnoticeable initially, but in the long run these ingredients can impair collagen synthesis, irritate the scalp, and possibly cause severe issues in delicate body parts.

Organic bath and body products are quite slow but tend to provide efficient results. The natural ingredients start working on the target from the first application, eventually resulting in effective rebuilding of tissues, bringing the best pharma companies in india from within.

Stay Cautious

There are a plethora of herbal bath and body products available in retail stores and on various eCommerce sites. Exaggerated descriptions on the packaging or the website purchasing page frequently entice buyers.

But one must stay aware and cautious that not every product undergoes scientific testing or would have received medical approval from a reputable medical organisation. Various natural extracts, according to dermatologists, can cause cancer or any other health problems, if used in excess in the cosmetic products.

So, do not hurry while purchasing a bath and body product from any brand. It is always worth it to spend some time and effort verifying facts, ingredients, and other details.

For any concerns or queries, please feel yourself free to talk to our health experts.

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