What are the Main Reasons Why Nightfall Happens & How it Affects You?

why nightfall happens

Nightfall, a name that every teenage boy must have heard in his life at least once that he never shares with anyone. But why? Because it is something personal and we are not allowed to share it with others? Or, because of hesitation, a boy never gets the confidence to tell what he is suffering from. People who are scared to share these issues with others get no answers to their questions. Why Nightfall happens, what are the reasons, and how you can be sure of Nightfall? Let’s find out. 

What is Nightfall?

Popular by the name wet dreams, Nightfall is a widespread sexual problem that every man faces once in his lifetime. When a guy wakes up and feels the wetness in the private area or boxers, it comes under nightfall. 

If not frequent, it is not a problem, but when you encounter it regularly, it is a point of worry. It makes a guy feel less confident and sometimes takes away his masculinity.

Not knowing the reason makes it hard for a person to get their ideal treatment and eliminate future sexual health risks. 

Why Nightfall Happens?

Why Nightfall Happens?

Multiple reasons explain why nightfall happens in men, depending on their sexual health, body type, psychological state, etc. 

The most common issue for wet dreams is watching too many videos and graphics related to porn and sexual things. Watching porn increases a man’s libido that gives rise to sexual thoughts. Due to this, he starts having dreams linked to sexual things that make him ejaculate during his sleep. 

Heavy medications are another reason why a man might get wet dreams. Certain medications, especially the one used for dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, which causes increased libido.

Medicines cause semen leakage as they make the body rest during the night and promote natural passage to take out the semen.

Your body type also plays a vital role in why nightfall happens. 

Nerve Damage due to injury in the spinal cord, diabetes, sclerosis, and brain tumor makes the nervous system incapable of providing signals that result in wet dreams. 

How can Nightfall affect you?  

Nightfall that happens regularly is not suitable for a man’s body in several ways. It not only disturbs your physical health but also affects you psychologically. 

These bed-wetting issues make a man irritated all the time, and he faces anxiety all the time. 

This but issues like painful urination, insomnia, mid-night sweats, and emotional disturbance are also common with nightfall. 

Overall, when a person is having healthy relations with his partner, nightfall issues affect their relationship badly. Sometimes, it might also lead to marriage failures as a person with wet dreams will not satisfy his partner. 

Treatment for Nightfall Problem

Treatment for Nightfall Problem

Nightfall is a prevalent sexual issue, and the market is filled with clinics and hospitals that provide treatment for that. It is essential to find the right treatment for your sexual problem. 

There are several ways to treat wet dreams and get rid of sudden ejaculation during the night without harming your health.

When treating sexual issues, you can always rely on a good sexologist in Gurgaon. Sexologists are doctors well-trained in dealing with issues related to a man’s sexual health and wellness. 

When it comes to sexual problems, doctors firstly examine why nightfall occurs daily and the reason behind that issue. They perform several tests, do one-to-one interactions and urine tests, and later review those reports to better understand the cause. 

Chirag Bhandari- the Best Sexologist in Gurgaon for Nightfall Treatment 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari for Nightfall Treatment

When it comes to the best sexual treatments in India, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the name that comes first on the list. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one of the best sexologists in Gurgaon and a well-trained sex doctor with more than 8 years of experience in the respective field. Dr. Chirag has expertise in treating nightfall causes in men, and his treatments come with the highest success rates in the city. His international experiences and knowledge on sexual causes reflect in his treatments.

Dr. Chirag has treated more than 100 people with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low penile problem, and nightfall. He is a lead sexologist and the founder of IASH, India- the all-in-one male sexual health clinic that offers the best sexual treatments. His treatment involves medications, counseling, and in severe cases, surgery as well. 

Nightfall is a very delicate and sensitive issue that needs proper attention and care. With the help of Dr. Chirag, you can treat your problems in no time. If you want the why nightfall happens or advice over any sexual issues, visit IASH, India, now. 

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